PESHAWAR - In-charge Intensive Care Unit of the Lady Reading Hospital Assis­tant Professor Dr Ayesha Mufti tendered resignation due to inad­equate facilities and lack of staff in the ICU and expressed her con­cern over the alleged non-serious attitude of officers concerned.

In her resignation available with The Nation, she said that hospi­tal was completely unprepared to deal with Corona epidemic, there was no planning to effectively run the hospital. She said that they were caught by surprise when we were ordered to incubate and ven­tilate a COVID patient inside the old casualty where an old vent was kept with no other facilities which obviously resulted in a disaster.

She added, “The next day we were ordered to vacate two ICUs immedi­ately, we did as we were told. When we shifted our patients, our experi­enced and trained staff and medi­cal officers also moved, so I was left alone. We remained as the front line fighters against COVID-19.”

She said that the number of nursing staff was highly inade­quate inside the ICU, the quality of care was poor, and hygienic condi­tions were very bad, they tried to communicate at various levels but instead she received an explana­tion by the dean over some minor issues reported to him by nursing director. “Despite our maximum effort to run the general ICU with minimal and inexperienced staff, we were just criticized over our management,” she explained.

She said that the COVID epidem­ic may last for several months. In different countries people from various specialties have contribut­ed, but the hospital administration intends to manage the epidem­ic with only six consultants, there is no backup plan in case of any of the frontline doctors gets sick.