SUKKUR - PML-N President Nawaz Sharif has said that his party has not made any decision regarding resignation from assemblies yet. Talking to media at Sukkur airport he said the party would take the decision in the best interest of the nation after reviewing the whole situation, but added that democracy would not be hurt even if his party members resigned from the assemblies. Sharif said corruption was everywhere and no one was taking action against corrupt officials, but he said time has come to get rid of Zardari regime, which has provided nothing except problems to the people. The unprecedented corruption by the rulers was damaging national institutions, he added. We are emphasising right from the day one that democracy should be strengthened but the exploitation of the people should not be done (in democracys name), he said. The writ of the government was non-existent as the rulers were busy in making money through illegal means and they have no time for giving attention to peoples problems, he said, adding that he would not sit idle on the difficulties being faced by the common man. He said he will meet Shah Mehmood Qureshi on November 22. Nawaz said that the killing of three Hindu doctors is a highly deplorable act but Hindu community should not be disappointed for the PML-N would take every action to ensure their protection and bring the culprits to justice, and the party has also raised the matter in the parliament. Pakistan is the home to all the people living in it, the PML-N leader said, adding that relief goods coming from Punjab were for all flood affected people no matter what religion they belonged to. Earlier, speaking at a gathering in Shikarpur, Nawaz Sharif demanded the government bring the killers of Hindu doctors to justice, saying the government has failed in protecting lives of the people. Unidentified men gunned down three Hindu doctors in Chak town, near Shikarpur, on November 9 in a vendetta over a dancing girl with a tribe. Hindus are an important part of our society and protection of all citizens, especially of the minorities, is duty of the government but the rulers seriously lack sense of responsibility, he added. Islam grants all those citizenry rights to the minorities that it gives to its followers and safety of minorities should be first priority of the government, the PML-N leader said. He said that killing of Hindu doctors was yet another proof of the failure of the government and the state machinery. He urged the government functionaries to visit the victim families and reassure them on their security so they may have the feeling that they are Pakistani nationals just like the others. He expressed disappointment and grave concern over news that in this kind of circumstances Hindus were thinking of migrating to India.