LAHORE – The Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) on Saturday staged demonstrations to express solidarity with Palestinians who had been martyred by Israeli strikes.

A protest was organised at Mor Bekheywal where a number of students from different educational institutions vented their rage over Israeli aggression against Palestinians.

Carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans against Israel, the activists of IJT demanded authorities concerned take up the matter with the United Nations.

Addressing the protesters, IJT leader said that Israel’s attack on unarmed Palestinians was a worst example of terrorism, adding that silence on the issue from the so-called human rights activist was condemnable.

Separately, Punjab University Academic Staff Association held an emergency meeting and passed a condemnation resolution against the Israeli attack. The teachers demanded of the comity of the nations to play role for stoppage of Israel’s brutality on Muslims.

Condemning the Israeli aggression against against the Palestinians, PTI chief Imran Khan Saturday appealed to the Muslim world to forge unity. He asked the Ummah to make joint efforts to counter the moves of the Zionist state. Imran warned that continued attacks on Palestine would fuel hatred in Muslim community and could disrupt peace in the region.

He said the attacks were a deliberate violation of fundamental humanitarian principles. Imran remarked that he believes that permanent peace could not be restored in the Middle East until the resolution of Palestine issue. The PTI chairman also stressed the international community to pressure the Israeli government to adopt measures for ending the massacre of Palestinians.

Call for solution to Kashmir, Palestine: JI chief Syed Munawar Hasan said on Saturday that Pakistan and Afghanistan are the target of the US conspiracies, while the popular revolutions in the Arab world has infused a new spirit among the Ummah.

According to a press statement issued from JI headquarters, Mansoora on Saturday Munawar expressed these views during a meeting with Sudanese President Umar Hasan Al Bashir at Khartoum.

He remarked that Pakistan and Afghanistan were facing the conspiracies of the US administration and its armed forces. He said that Israel was using all barbaric tactics to suppress the Palestinians, however the Zionist state had failed each time to demoralize the Palestinians and they always bounced back with a new spirit after every single Israeli act of terror.

JI chief asked the Sudanese and other Muslim states to take a joint stand for the resolution of Kashmir and Palestine issue. He remarked that the US and Israel had joined hands to destroy the Muslim countries, while the Muslim states should unite to foil their enemy designs.

Hasan dilated on the situation in Pakistan and the entire region during the meeting with Sudanese head of the state. Munawar said that the separation of South Sudan was part of the international plot to disintegrate the Muslim states. The Sudanese President that Pakistan had the distinction of being the only country that came into being on the basis of an ideology, therefore, Sudan’s relations with Pakistan are above the changes of the governments.