Ian Botham, the legendary all rounder of England once said about Pakistan cricket team that it was a bunch of scuffling wives. A fierce battle ensued after his remark but our present team has proved his words to be correct. The performance of Pakistan was the same then as it is now. Presently it seems as if we have left no stone unturned to collect a hoard of shameful defeats, one after the other, without any remorse or penitence. Rumour has it that there is acute difference of opinion among the players as well as serious politics is being played inside the team leading to this dastardly display of team spirit!

Our players and our management seem to be their own worst enemies, we do not need anyone else to bring shame to us on the playground. Our team is doing it without any external help. These players are playing pranks on each other and in doing so have destroyed the reputation of Pakistani cricket. The hiring of Dav Whatmore has been a great tragedy for our cricket as he plays no role in making the cricket team one can see him sitting alone and morose during the matches. We spent millions of dollars and he selected players who otherwise do not qualify for even an average job in Pakistan. Complete overhauling is required to bring the team out of this predicament. Perhaps Mohsin Hassan Khan, in my opinion, is the best available local coach to do the job.

All the oldies and as well as newcomers should be sent packing immediately; India, Australia, and England have tried this technique and knew that no one was indispensable until they perform. We should nurture new players under the guidance of ex-cricketers like Inzimam ul Haq and Mohammad Yousaf and establish a team that may bring back the glory our team enjoyed in the past. It is not such a herculean task if our selectors think more of the nation rather than their personal preferences.


Islamabad, November 15.