The five alleged outlaws who were killed by their accomplices Monday night, were notorious criminals and wanted by the police in Lahore and Kasur districts.

They were involved in heinous crime and more than 136 cases have been traced against them, Kasur DPO Syed Ali Nasir told the media on Tuesday.

He elaborated that the outlaws had been involved in dozens of cases of murders, dacoits and kidnapping. After autopsy, the Mustafa Abad Police have registered a case against unidentified criminals who attempted to get them free.

The DPO said that the five accused - Abdul Jabbar, Basharat, Arshad, Imran and Ashraf had been convicted for criminal activities in the past, adding that they had been considered as symbol of terror in the area.

Ali Nasir Rizvi informed that the police have taken extra-measures to ensure safety and security of the public.