A wooden boat capsized in Pakistan's eastern district of Okara on Monday, killing 10 passengers and leaving several others missing, a government official said.

Deputy Commissioner Okara Maryam Khan told Xinhua that the boat carrying about 35 people turned turtle in the Sutlej river near the Malhu Sheikha area of Okara, a district in the eastern Punjab province.

A total of 10 bodies, including women and children, have been recovered so far, Khan said, adding that another 10 passengers have been saved and rescue work is still underway.

Local police chief Mohammad Imran said the boat sank as there were too many people onboard and it was made of poor quality material. He said most of the passengers were on their way to a funeral when the accident happened.

He added that additional rescue teams are being called in from Okara district and other nearby areas to help the rescue and search operation.

Following the incident, all district administrations and rescue teams have rushed to the area and the bodies were shifted to a nearby hospital.

In Pakistan, wooden boats are often used to transport goods and people on rivers and lakes, and most of them are operated without life jackets, sometimes causing deadly accidents.