ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Awami Tehreek Chief Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has said that PAT sit-in in front of Parliament House is not going to an end and all rumours in this regard are wrong.

Dr Qadri, who had been absent from the city for the last five days, returned to Islamabad on Friday and addressed his followers and media persons at his party office. He said that he was not going to sell the blood of martyrs of Lahore and Islamabad. “The killers will be hanged for their crime and no compensation will be accepted against the blood of the martyrs,” he added. Only blood against blood will be accepted. He rejected the impression that any aggrieved had taken money as compensation.

Dr Qadri congratulated the marchers for staging more than 60 days long continuous sit-in. He said that his rallies in Faisalabad, Jhang and Chiniot had frustrated the rulers and they were worried about their future.

Earlier, the PAT chief in a statement said that future of the sit-in would be decided after the Lahore rally scheduled for October 19. Qadri will leave for Lahore rally from the sit-in and will return after addressing the rally in the provincial capital.

   Online adds: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) Chief Tahirul Qadri has rebuffed the media reports about “ending dharna,” saying that all such reports are baseless. “Neither we going to end the sit-in, nor there is any deal going on between us and the government,” he declared, adding that the sit-in would continue definitely.

PAT chief Allama Tahirul Qadri stated this while talking to media men prior to living for Islamabad here on Friday.

He held that false statements given by Javed Hashmi and allegations levelled by him with reference to London Plan and dharnas by PAT and PTI led to his failure in elections. “People have proved there is no place in the country for conspirators like Javed Hashmi,” he remarked.

He claimed that the Faisalabad public meeting had turned to be a referendum against the opponents. He regretted that flood affected people in Jhang and Chiniot districts were passing through miserable situation, adding that the cheques which were disbursed by the government to the affectees were not being cashed. Dr Qadri claimed that the government’s claims regarding provision of financial assistance to the affectees were false. “The assistance the government claimed to have provided to flood-hit people has gone into the pockets of corrupt rulers,” Dr Qadri alleged.

About PAT October 19 public meeting at Minar-e- Pakistan, the PAT chief said that no one could break record of public meeting organized by his party on December, 23, 2012, adding that his party was going to break its own record on October 19, at Minar-e-Pakistan. “This public meeting will set the direction of future politics of the country, he stated.

Abid Sher terms Imran ‘king of liars’

State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali on Friday termed Imran Khan “King of liars.”

Speaking to media persons here, Sher Ali roared at PTI chief saying that Imran Khan had been given a name of “Imran Jhotay Khan” after series of lies he had been telling the nation since last 70 days.

He said joy and celebrations of PTI and its leadership on result of Multan by-polls reflected double standards of the party.

The minister said that the PTI and its leadership were happy with Multan by-poll result at the same time when they call election system as a fraud process.

He said that result of Multan by-poll was victory of democracy as PTI finally accepted it. Sher Ali said that protesters in Islamabad wanted to destroy Pakistan’s economy and culture. He said that the protesters in Islamabad should disclose their source of funding.

He added that the patience of PML-N workers had been tested to its limit. The state minister said that Imran Khan advising poor masses not to pay utility bills to increase their miseries.