ISLAMABAD  -  Leader of Opposition in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif has said that it was premature to comment on whether opposition would bring a no-trust move against the government but quickly added that the option of tabling no-confidence move against the prime minister is very much constitutional in nature.

Talking to senior journalists at the Parliament House, Shehbaz strongly dispelled the impression of any division in his party and termed it a mere propaganda that he differs with the narrative of party Quaid Nawaz Shairf.

Shehbaz spent well over seven hours in the Parliament House and was free to move around and talk to people the liberty not available to the people in the past who had been produced before the house on the production orders of National Assembly speaker.

Speaker Asad Qasir was quite lenient and directed the Sergeant at Arms of National Assembly not to put any unnecessary restriction on the Leader of Opposition.

Earlier, when Shehbaz Sharif was brought under tight security to the Parliament House the NAB officials had handed his custody over to the security staff of the Parliament and later in the afternoon took back his custody. He was later moved back to Lahore where he was on physical remand with the NAB authorities in connection with the Clean Water and Ashiyana Housing projects.

Responding to a question on reported differences between him and party Quaid Nawaz Sharif, the Leader of Opposition strongly dispelled the impression and made it clear that the whole party was on the same page and they had only one narrative and that is to strengthen the democratic order in the country.

He recalled that in the past too efforts were made to create wedge between the Sharif family, and referred to such rumours when Ghulam Ishaq Khan was President of Pakistan and propaganda of his acceptability as compared to Nawaz Sharif was being propagated. The efforts of dividing or creating rifts within the Sharif family had also been made during the Mushrraf era but all these efforts had badly failed, he added.

He made it loud and clear that Nawaz Sharif is party Quaid and each and every member of the party including him is fully adhering to the decisions coming from the leadership.

Shahbaz Sharif also shared the unbecoming treatment of NAB authorities with him and said that he was kept in a small room with no proper ventilation and he was locked up in the room for whole day. Even they did not allow him for walk.

To a question, Shahbaz Sharif said that by denying him the slot of Public Accounts Committee, the government would be going to bulldoze another good Parliamentary norm established over the past decade.

He said that in case the PAC chairmanship is denied to Leader of Opposition then PML-N would not become part of the committee but would also not join other Standing Committees of the National Assembly.

To a question, he termed the current accountability process biased and aimed at political victimisation.

He said that they have nothing concrete against him and all what they were doing was to pressurise him and accept their dictates.

In a lighter vein Shahbaz Sharif said that when they failed to bring something concrete against him they tempted him with freedom in case of his turning approver against former federal minister Kh. Asif in some power project case.

He further said that they had also arranged his meeting with former principal secretary to PM Fawad Hassan Fawad and when he (Fawad) came to him he was not feeling well and after a brief interaction he was moved away only to pressurise him (Shahbaz) to make him comply their dictates.

Advocating his political philosophy of conciliation, Shahbaz Sharif said that the country was passing through very crucial times and confrontation between the state organs would not be in the interest of any so all the stakeholders should move forward without coming in each other’s way.