LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said that PML-N and PPP legislators should resign from assemblies if they want early elections.

“The JUI-F has right to protest against the government and it is PM Imran Khan’s responsibility to keep his word and provide container and food to protesters,” Siraj told the media after addressing Mashaikh Conference in Mansoora on Thursday. Custodians from different shrines attended and addressed the conference on the agenda of unity of Muslim Ummah, protection of the faith on finality of the prophet-hood and Kashmir. 

 Key speakers included JI Secretary General Ameerul Azim, JI AJK chapter head Dr Khalid Mahmood, Pir Syed Ghulam Rasool Awaisi, Pir Shahzad Chishti, Pir Naubahar Shah, Mian Maqsood Ahmad and others.

Addressing the event, JI chief said the government and opposition had set their own priorities, completely putting Kashmir cause on back burner. The rulers, he added, wanted to fight the case of Kashmir while sitting in air-conditioned halls of Islamabad without realizing the threat posed by RSS goons led Modi government to the country’s sovereignty. He warned the rulers against designs of New Delhi which bent upon changing the demography of the region. He said the government should make pre-emptive strike to thwart the designs of enemy against Pakistan. He demanded the government announce clear roadmap for the liberation of Kashmir from Indian yoke. He sought suggestions from the scholars and masharikh on Kashmir, asking them to play their role in creating public awareness about important issue which was matter of life and death for Pakistan.

Ameerul Azim highlighted the need for unity in Muslim world. He said western powers had long been unleashed an attack on Islamic ideology which could only be confronted if Muslim Ummah demonstrated unity among its ranks forgetting differences in the names of sects, regions and castes. He expressed grave concern over the silence of the world on humanitarian crisis in the India held Kashmir. He said the time had approached that the Pakistan government took practical steps in support of the besieged brethren of IHK.

The conference vowed to defend with full force the every article and sub-article of the constitution dealing with the Islamic ideology of the country, stating the laws were close to the heart of every Muslim. The participants expressed concern over the plight of Muslims in Palestine, IHK, Syria, Iraq and Myanmar, stressing the need of unity among Muslim countries to address the problems facing the Ummah. 

The conference unanimously demanded the government take practical steps in support of the people of IHK. The conference called for ensuring free education till matriculation with the teachings of great Sufis of Islam make part of the education curriculum. The participants asked the government to take measure to ensure protection and safety of common man.