ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan on Saturday rejected Armenian Prime Minister’s allegations referring to some unsubstantiated reports about involvement of Pakistan’s Special Forces alongside Azerbaijani army in the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.  

“We categorically reject these baseless and unwarranted comments by the Armenian Prime Minister. President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan has also clarified his stance on the matter stating that Azerbaijani forces are strong enough to defend their homeland and do not need the help of foreign forces,” Foreign office spokesperson in a press release said.

The Foreign Office in a press statement issued on Saturday said that it had seen the transcript of Armenian Prime Minister’s interview on 15th October with a Russian TV referring to some unsubstantiated reports alleging involvement of Pakistani Special Forces alongside Azerbaijani army in the ongoing conflict. 

“It is regrettable that leadership of Armenia, to cover up its illegal actions against Azerbaijan, is resorting to irresponsible propaganda, which it must stop,” the spokesperson further said. “For our part, we wish to make clear that Pakistan has consistently extended diplomatic, moral and political support to Azerbaijan,” it was added.  

Pakistan would continue to stand by the brotherly nation of Azerbaijan and support its right of self-defence against any aggression, he added.

He said that Pakistan believed that long-term peace and normalization of relations between the two parties would depend on the complete and comprehensive implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions and withdrawal of Armenian forces from Azerbaijani territories.