FAISALABAD   -   Various corrupt political leaders, wanted to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) were rejected by masses in the Gujranwala show, as the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) show flopped badly on Friday, said Member of the Punjab Assembly (MPA) Chaudhry Lateef Nazar. Giving his reaction over the PDM show, he said that the rejected parties had launched the PDM against an elected government, but unfortunately its first power show remained failed too. He said that the opposition parties spent about one billion rupees on the PDM show in Gujranwala but the public rejected them.  He said the corrupt elements should return the looted money voluntarily or get ready to face the music. Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan is a committed person and he will never bow down before those who ruined the national institutes as well as looted national wealth, he added.

‘PDM’s show in Gujranwala flopped’

PDM’s show was totally flopped as the opposition parties failed to gather people.  This was said by Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports Malik Umar Farooq on Saturday.  He said the gathering had showed a true picture of the opposition as all parties could not fill the entire venue.  He said 11 parties joined hands against the accountability process initiated by the incumbent government, adding that the corrupt elements would be disappointed once again as they would not be granted any deal.

He said people were fully aware of designs of the PDM and they would also foil their conspiracies.