Senator and Chairman of Pakistan Muslim League-N Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq has said that Islam is the prime source behind uprising movements in Middle East and North Africa. He said that Islam is not only a religion but a complete code of life. He opined that west might be enjoying support from despotic rulers of some Muslim states but the public of these countries has always remained against anti-Islam policies. People of Arab countries wanted Islamic systems in their countries, he said in an interview. Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq described the incidents taking place in Islamic regions as signs of awakening of Muslim Ummah. Public uprising in Islamic regions shows that Muslims are active and know to fight for their rights, he said. The PML-N Senator regretted that rulers of many Muslim countries have become tools in the hands of US and are forwarding the American agenda in their countries to prolong their illegitimate rules. They have always worked for western interests, he said. The politician however advised the Muslim Ummah to remain cautious against anti-Islam conspiracies of western countries. They (west) would definitely try to hijack these movements, he added. The legislator was of the view that foreign intervention in Islamic countries must be stopped. He believed that western countries have evil plans to once again invade Middle Eastern states. Raja Muhammad Zafar-ul-Haq expressing his views said that western countries want to take the control of the resources of Islamic countries. But the people of Muslim countries are not ready to accept western dominance, he added. He said that people of Egypt had carried out a revolution against pro-American regime. It is good to see that people of Muslim countries are coming out of the western influence, said the PML-N leader.