The un-bridged political differences between the Leghari group has become an issue for former senator Jamal Leghari who may contest against his uncle Maqsood Leghari and PML-N candidate Dr Abdul Kareem for NA-172 seat.

The Legharis who have been the regular winners of this seat are divided as former district nazim Maqsood will contest on the PML-Q's ticket from the constituency. Maqsood and Jamal, who is elder son of former president Farooq Leghari (late), are not willing to withdraw their respective papers at any cost.

To bridge their differences, a session was also held at Choti Zirin but it could not become successful. During the session Maqsood Leghari was offered the family's support if he does not contest the election from the platform of PML-Q. However, Maqsood Leghari imposed a condition that he is ready to do so in case Jaafar Leghari contests as independent candidate and not from the PML-N platform. However, the conclusion was the deadlock when Syed Abdul Aleem Shah, a Leghari group candidate from PP 244 and wing of Jamal Leghari, refused to be the part of Maqsood Leghari.

Farooq Leghari (late) had won the general election 2008 with narrow margin from NA-172 against Hafiz Abdul Kareem of PML-N. Data shows that Farooq Leghari had secured 45,370 while Abdul Kareem got 41,894 votes. In the by-election in NA-172, Owais Leghari had secured 61,918 votes and Abdul Kareem could get 40,460 votes.

The PML.N leadership replaced its contestant from PP-244 as Zulfiqar Khosa was willing that his younger son Dost Mohammad Khosa to be fielded while the decision went against and elder son Mohammad Hassamuddin was nominated.

The PML.N could not field strong contestant in PP-245 against powerful Legharis who have been the winner of this provincial constituency where Zeeshan Leghari has been nominated who was earlier part of Leghari group when he was elected as union nazim. The PML.N is also facing grouping in this constituency as it dropped its former ticket-holder Mohammad Miraz Talpur who is reportedly annoyed at the party's decision. Thus, the difficulties for Jamal Leghari will increase if the family and the group do not unite.