The position of Feminism is equality and justice for all – there is no black/white/brown/olive Feminism and there most certainly isn't a Shia/Sunni element here either — any narratives that undermine justice/equality are not Feminism—it's that simple. Only objection people have is its name, the "fem" in Feminism — so let’s not start the war on spoken/written languages that derive feminine terms from male dominated roots and turn all this into a word salad just because anti-feminists can't seem to evolve and tolerate a single word in all of English diction that is the sole carrier of female dominant origins since the fight for equality began with the movement to emancipate women and girls from male authoritarianism. Of course there are other words derived from feminine qualities, like “bitch”, “c***” and “pu***” but you and I both know when it comes to insulting people – only then – can feminine rooted terms be acceptable! It’s a problem facing all of mankind!

In the article published by TIME, titled “Hillary Clinton Is the Perfect Age to Be President”, authored by Julie Holland, a psychopharmacologist and psychiatrist, starring a headline [below the video] which read, “Forget politics — she's biologically primed to be a leader”! Of course – do not fret – the world already doesn’t give a flying f*** about a woman’s credentials – they’ve already long dismissed the idea of women and intelligence by scaling down to their biological disposition as a female who menstruates and has the ability to bear children [and therefore must be discriminated and punished!].

By the same logic – can we claim every single political tragedy also be credited to male biology – from Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Pol Pot, Kim Jong II, Mao Zedong, Saddam Hussein, Ismail Enver, to George Bush, et al…? Yes. Let’s do that. Let’s credit male midlife crisis to all sorts of genocides and rapes from WW1 and 2 to the Vietnam, Gulf and Bosnian war and post 9/11 conflicts, etc. Do you really want to go there? I’m game if you are! These are examples of what happens when men “lead”. Or how about when men “act out” with ideological tyranny over alleged political strife – like the Islamic State, for example? I’m sure these Yazidi women and girls facing systematic sexual torture consisting of not just abduction and sex slavery, but also the “rape-lottery” bids – are all just overreacting because men are clear-headed and superior in the biological sense, right? Alas, only time male biology is cited is to excuse their barbarism in society or to dehumanize women and girls as inferior creatures that require “management” by male authoritarianism. But sure…let’s talk about Hillary Clinton’s menopause instead on why it makes her a worthy candidate! Clearly, Obama succeeded in both terms because voters paid closer attention to his biology.

How can we forget the self-proclaimed “factual feminist”, Christina H. Sommers? She has “debunked” many “myths” like sexism and misogyny in gaming just after “consulting” some people in the gaming industry who already reject the idea of sexism/misogyny in gaming – how objective of her! And of course, since she didn’t experience gender-based abuse in gaming since she [admittedly only] played Pac Man in a bar located in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the 1980s – surely that’s evidence that misogyny and sexism is a myth and all these “gender activists” and “hipsters” like Anita Sarkeesian who had played videogames their entire life are unqualified critics who are simply conspiring against and “want the male videogame culture to die” – not a hyperbole at all, Christina! Keep the conspiracy theories coming!  

Of course, rape simulations and the consistency of sexually exploitive character designs of a great many female characters isn’t dehumanizing to women/girls and it certainly doesn’t make male players act out with sexist/misogynistic rage, especially when they send out rape and death threats to the minority of female players who somehow get on their exalted nerves by either defeating them in a dueling match or putting them on the block list for repeated sexual harassment [so they log in with another account and make more death and rape threats]! And I’m pretty sure games that have these hyper-sexualized gaming achievements [consistent with hundreds of other games] isn’t aimed at complimenting the “heteronormative” audience – it must’ve been designed to amuse the asexual frogs in the rainforest or something?

Feminism certainly needs a Reza Aslan to manipulate and seduce the audience [of dedicated sexists and misogynists] in a smoke of cognitive dissonance! And maybe one day – Sommers too will earn a TV show where the credits will scream “I’m a feminist!” I wonder what Sommers will “debunk” next? Will she tell people that women and girls going through child-birth should take Advil to relieve pain because “factually”, ibuprofen does relieve pain – so pop some ibuprofen and quit complaining and crying about your cervix and uterus cracking and bleeding to let life out – ugh, damn hipsters!

There’s a great dividing, often vulgar, contrasts to the treatment of women and girls to men and boys that society happily endorses and yet we have pseudo feminists like Sommers and that M.D., Holland [who’s trying to sell her book, by telling U.S. voters to embrace Hillary Clinton because she’s menopausal] – are all capitalizing on the same old sexist and misogynistic prose that undermine equal opportunity and justice for not just women and girls, but also the LGBTQ and men deemed too feminine to participate in the big boys club [the society!].

Anti-feminists want to siphon and amplify the pressure on inequality and gender-based abuse by citing often imaginative or erroneous affiliations to Feminism – which isn’t Feminism’s problem, is it? They are as hysterical as anti-atheists. It's deemed wrong for atheists to make a fierce stance against theocracy just as feminists make a fierce stance against misogyny and sexism. Except it's not just the religious world that makes gender-based abuse a reality – the non-religious world is just as guilty, so feminists have many groups of people who belligerently oppose any talks of equal rights to confront and educate.

Men/boys should have the right to talk about everything, just as women/girls should. But abortion-rights are not one of them—in context to influencing impressionable audiences and using platform to undermine the rights of women and girls. If you don't have a uterus and can't possibly experience how life altering pregnancy and childbirth is—you simply don’t have the experience to discuss abortion. The article I’ve linked pretty much complains about how feminists aren’t respecting male speakers’ right to free speech to discuss abortion – these are speakers who either refuse to respect the fundamental human right to reproductive choices or will never experience pregnancy/abortion – this is when irony just kills itself. Remember, male speakers can express themselves – but the demographic they want to dictate should shut up and submit – where have we heard that before? Damn feminists – how dare we be upset at constantly being dictated by men on what is or isn’t’ best for our uterus? And if you’re a male ally – you have a responsibility to address the glaring problem presented by not inviting female speakers to discuss matters pertaining to their own bodies – there is a fundamental flaw in discussing abortion without the participation of female speakers.

Humanity created cultures and traditions embedded with misogyny and sexism from the very beginning of civilizations – it took time and effort [meaning it’ll double the time and effort for Feminism to overcome it]. If you want to refute this claim – then please explain why patriarchal authority from all origins, regardless of race, colour, religion and geography – are all unanimous about obsessively fighting to dictate the female identity? Many feminists must improvise on how to handle the issue because society is so far out of touch with how misogyny and sexism continues to handicap the rights of women, children, LGBTQ and men. We can’t collaborate on any ideas for equality until equality – which is aimed at everyone – is accepted by everyone.

Misogyny and sexism are extraordinary problems requiring extraordinary solutions – so either get on board, or enjoy whining about how unapologetic-feminism offends you – either way, Feminism will not apologize to make it more comfortable for you to feel misogyny and sexism isn’t a real threat. Male egotism is a sorry excuse to use denialism and keep catering to a culture of oppression and violence, or as Elsa would say, just “let it go”. The way anti-feminists blame and shame Feminism is a mirrored image to pseudo liberals blaming the “West” for every snip and crack on earth.

Patriarchy and the heteronormative pride [yes! I just used both words in a single sentence – are your bones breaking yet?] are the sole perpetrators of a plethora of societal ills. They have mined and preserved their exploitations in an ever expanding format, similar to a malware in your computer system – and the only way to combat this perversion is through precision tactics so yes, Feminism is a complex tool because the damages delivered [by patriarchy] are also complex. Don't frown on Feminism for having to micro analyze the evidence to find solutions for these problems. And yes – let's use some intellectual honesty and admit these problems are created by the spectrum of patriarchy.

Romanticizing vocal and assertive men/boys and dehumanizing vocal and assertive women/girls is everyday-sexism. People are not sexist or misogynistic by default – they do however, contribute to an established cycle of misogyny/sexism by refusing to reform harmful patriarchal attitudes that secure the state of inequality – history is the ultimate testament to gender-apartheid and why Feminism will always be necessary.

Patriarchy is a tragic ideology that dictates society must conform to male dominance – Feminism is the idea to counter such bigotry and promote equal rights, liberty and justice – but it’s hard to renounce privilege – I can tell by the horde of anti-feminists dusting up an atmosphere in the horizon like zombies, revering Patriarchy [as if its religious counterpart wasn’t enough] and regurgitating its tenets of “grow a pair” and “don’t be such a pu***” at every person expressing the struggles of surviving gender-based abuse that arrive in ten different pains. Anti-feminists and pseudo feminists are indefatigably undermining equality and justice – and that is why the fight for equality does not come with an apology.