LAHORE -  PTI spokesperson Fawad Ch yesterday slammed Nawaz Sharif and his sons for not appearing before the NAB in connection with the references filed against them.

Addressing a news conference along with Malik Mustafa Khar, he said that non- appearance before the NAB court was tantamount to showing no-confidence over the institutions and it should be considered as an admission of crime.

He said that Sharif family’s reluctance to appear before the NAB was a joke with the national institutions.

They have instead asked the NAB through their counsel to provide questionnaire in response to the summon orders regarding Al-Azizia Steel Company reference, he added.

Terming the investigation of Sharif family over Al-Azizia Steel Company a positive step, he predicted that more such references regarding Hill Metal and Gulf Steel Mills will also be filed against the Sharif family in the near future. 

He said that it was the responsibility of the monitoring judge, Mr Justice Ejazul Ahsen to act as a watch dog on the NAB references against Sharifs as the court had done in case of the JIT investigations.

He noted that NAB was taking a lenient view of Sharif family’s sluggish attitude towards the corruption cases filed against them. 

He also said that NAB was given 10 days to file an appeal regarding Hudaibia Paper Mill case but to no avail.

Fawad anticipated that the biggest reference that would be filed in the coming days pertained to money laundering network of 13 companies of Hasan Nawaz. Apparently all the companies were running in losses, but strangely enough they owned the most valuable properties in London, he said. 

PTI spokesperson further stated that Sharifs did not have the complete money trail of Gulf Steel, Al-Azizia Steel Company and Hill Metal. He alleged that machinery for Al-Azizia Steel Company was not brought from Dubai which raised the question from where the money came from to set up the mill.

He observed that Mian Nawaz Sharif had received the first episode of the answer in response to his repeated mantra that as to why he has been ousted from power.

He also accused Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Ahmed Saeed and former SECP Chairman Zafar Hijazi of running the biggest network of money laundering in South Asia.  Money laundering to the tune of 3,000 crores was done by Ishaq Dar alone, he alleged.

On Kulsoom Nawaz’s departure to London on the day she was required to appear before the Election Commission, the PTI spokesperson said that Sharif family considered it a disgrace to appear before the low ranking officials and the electorate to seek votes.