LAHORE  -  Considering Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar last hope, litigants on Saturday called for easy access to Human Rights Cell at the Supreme Court.

There is only one door for litigants at the Supreme Court’s Lahore registry and it takes a litigant almost a day to reach the Human Rights Cell. Litigants also complain about non-professional attitude of lawyers.

“I came from Sahiwal but I was not allowed to enter the premises for hearing of my matter,” said a white-bearded man outside the Supreme Court’s Lahore registry. Another young man holding his complaint said that he was waiting since morning, but could not get a chance to get inside the Supreme Court building to reach the Human Right Cell.

A doctor complained about unprofessional attitude of some ‘unprofessional lawyers’ in the courtroom. “They influence police by giving an impression that they have connections with the CJP,” said the doctor.

Women and children sitting outside the building of the Supreme Court’s Lahore registry kept waiting for a nod of the security officials, but unprofessional lawyers facilitated the financially sound litigants and used their connections with the security personnel to take them inside the court building to appear before the Human Right Cell.

Even inside the courtroom, some unprofessional lawyers were seen creating trouble for the poor litigants. “We came from far-flung areas, but only the rich can go inside to get justice,” said an elderly man, adding, “They are told to come again while the powerful, with good connections, go and appear before the CJP.”

The litigants, who thought the CJP was their last hope, asked the top judge to take notice of their plight.

CJP expresses concerns over years-long pending cases

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar Saturday expressed serious concerns over two matters ; one related to 3000 kanals land and second about the same land’s compensation which have been pending  with Senior Member Board of Revenue, Punjab, for last 76 and 68 years respectively.

“What is the performance of public departments? Look at these?,”  CJP Nisar remarked while addressing the reporters present in the courtroom during hearing of a complaint moved by Dr. Nazifa Usman, head of Pathology department of Allama Iqbal Medical C ollegue at the Supreme Court Lahore registry.

“Why did you not comply with the Supreme Court’s directions regarding land dispute and its compensation?,”  the CJP asked the revenue officer standing at the rostrum, adding that “It is contempt of court that you have not complied with the orders,”.

On it, the officer requested the CJP to give him some time for compliance of the court orders but the CJP admonished the officer, saying that why he should be given time and for what.  “You are issued contempt of court, explain it right now,” the CJP ordered the Senior Member Board of Revenue.  The officer again requested the CJP for some time to implement the order of the court which the CJP accepted and warned him of contempt of court on the next date of hearing, August 20.

The complainant lady cried for justice, seeking directives for implementation of the court orders regarding her years-long property dispute. However, she was reluctant to share the details of her case with the reporters. 

She said her father Barrister Ahmad Zaman Khan fought his case but  in vain  and now she had been struggling to get justice . She said her family was deprived of 3000 kanal.