LAHORE - The enforcement in letter and spirit of the Constitution will transform Pakistan into Madinah-like state, says Dr Tahirul Qadri, a renowned Islamic scholar and founder of the Pakistan Awami Tehrik.

Dr Qadri, who is also a former lawyer, is of the considered opinion that the Constitution of Pakistan is Islamic in all respects and the only thing needed to make Pakistan a state like Madinah is implementation of the basic law.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is committed to establishing a Madinah-like state in Pakistan and his government will take necessary measures in the times ahead to accomplish this target.

Because of its less-than-required numerical strength in the two houses of parliament, the PTI is not in a position to have any constitutional amendment passed without cooperation from other parties. Even enactment of an ordinary law is not possible unless other parties extend support in the bicameral legislature.

But, the PAT founder says, implementation of the existing articles of the Constitution should not be a problem for the PTI government for the sake of such a sacred mission.

Dr Qadri thinks reforms are needed in certain fields to meet the modern-day requirements.

The state, Dr Tahirul Qadir told The Nation, is supposed to step in to solve problems of its citizens. Elaborating, he said if a person accumulates debts even because of any personal lapses, state and resourceful people are duty-bound to help him.

At present, he says, interest-based loans have made lives of many a people miserable. In such a situation the state can’t stay indifferent. The government should announce some strategy and package to provide jobs to the unemployed and rid people of their outstanding loans, he added.

Author of dozens of books on various subjects, Dr Qadri said banishment of the fear for housing, employment, treatment, justice and education is what the state of Madinah actually means.

Dr Qadri wants the state to play its role to uproot exploitation of all kinds. He categorises overbilling, profiteering and even unjust taxation as exploitation. The state, he says, is responsible for these forms of exploitation, for which there is no room in the law.

“Bribery is also exploitation. Getting money from someone in return for help to solve his problems also falls in the same category, and uprooting it is state’s responsibility,” says Dr Qadri.

“Failure to hold the gas, power thieves and tax dodgers accountable is also exploitation as law-abiding people have to pay for such elements.

Misuse of state authority and then the failure of relevant authorities to take such elements to task is ‘cruelty.’ In such cases the state is supposed to stand by the weak.”

Citing the tragedy of over a dozen people who had lost their nears and dears in a police action in Model Town in 2014, the PAT chief said the state is not seen with the weak.

“The goal of the Constitution of Pakistan and the state of Madinah can only be achieved by strong will and implementation (of the basic law).”

He said: “When Allah’s Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) acted upon the Charter of Madinah, the state of Madinah became a reality. Its example can be seen in “Madinah Brotherhood” declared by Allah’s Prophet (Peace be Upon Him). The Constitution will remain just a wishful thinking (a piece of paper) until it’s acted upon.

“Today, the Constitution of Pakistan is not short of beautiful words but it lacks compliance. The day we start acting upon our Constitution in letter and spirit the state of Madinah Munwarah will start emerging tangibly. The state of Madinah Munwarah is the name of transforming your perspective into action.”