DUBAI - Expressing grave concern over the verdict against him in the high treason case, former President and Army Chief General (r) Pervez Musharraf on Wednesday said that he was denied the fundamental right of self-defence in the case.

Terming the verdict skeptical, Pervez Musharraf said that he was not given a chance to record his testimony before the probe committee and the special commission.

Musharraf issued a video statement from his hospital bed in Dubai, blasting the death sentence given to him by the special court.

The former president said there was no precedence of a verdict in which neither the defendant nor the counsel was allowed to present its case. “I also offered to record a statement before a special commission but to no avail,” he said. “I term this decision questionable because the supremacy of law was not taken into consideration.”

The former president said that according to the Constitution, the case was not bound to be heard but was taken up due to personal vengeance of some people against him.

“An individual was targeted by high-ups misusing their authority,” he said, adding “I respect Pakistan’s judiciary… I endorse Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa’s statement that everyone is equal before the law but I think he exposed himself when he said that he made sure the early disposal of this case…How can a judge, who benefited during my tenure, give a judgment against me?”

He thanked the Pakistani nation and Armed Forces “who recalled my services for the country… this is the biggest honour for me.”

Musharraf said he will decide the future course of action after consultation with his legal team. “I have faith in Pakistan’s judiciary and believe that it will provide me justice based on the supremacy of law,” he concluded.

In the video message aired on private TV channel yesterday night, Musharraf said supremacy of the law was not taken into consideration in the case.

Musharraf said he was being victimised.

Musharraf noted that he heard the sentence awarded to him by the Special Court via television. Raising questions over the verdict, Musharraf said that due legal process was not followed deliberately in the case.

The former general said he was given capital punishment owing to personal enmity, adding only a single person was targeted in the case.




Staff Reporter from Karachi adds: An MQM-P delegation on Wednesday paid a visit to Pervez Musharraf in Dubai and extended complete support to him.

The MQM-Pakistan delegation led by the Mayor Karachi Wasim Akhtar and party leader Haider Abbas Rizvi, who is currently living abroad, met with Musharraf in Dubai and inquired about his health.

The leaders conveyed party’s message of grief over the court decision and extended their complete support to him.

They also informed him regarding the party’s commitment to take up the case at every relevant forum.

The former president applauded the party leadership for standing alongside him.

The MQM-P Coordination Committee also prayed for the early recovery of the former president.

Haider Rizvi told a TV channel that Gen Musharraf was “not worried” because of the court verdict and appeared “determined” (in high spirits) to face the situation.

He said in his (Rizvi’s) opinion the court verdict was based on personal animosity as the aiders and abettors in the case had not been included in the trial.

Branding the verdict regrettable, the MQM leader said there was a need for its review.

According to the same TV channel, Gen Musharraf’s condition has deteriorated after which his meetings with visitors have been disallowed.