ISLAMABAD – JUI-S leader Maulana Samiul Haq on Saturday said Darul Uloom Haqqania, the seminary he manages, has no involvement in the assassination of former premiere Banazir Bhutto, declaring a report in this regard as a conspiracy.

A government report said the officials had given lists of suspects wanted in the Benazir murder case to the administration of the seminary, commonly known as Madrassa-e-Haqqania.

Samiul Haq told Waqt News that the interior ministry report was a conspiracy against the seminary and his political organisation Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (Samiul Haq). He confirmed the government had given them names and they checked it but found no record of the persons in question.

He alleged the whole it was eyewash and an attempt by the government to hide the real facts of the case and save the skin of real culprits.

“Nobody catches the real assassins who BB herself had pointed to while she was alive. Many of those persons are sitting in the cabinet now.”

He said Darul Aloom Haqania was established with great efforts and the institution cannot even think of being a part on any such illegal act.

“Thousand of students study in the 15 hostels of the seminary. If a person spends a night at his relative’s room in a hostel, we can’t stop anyone. Colleges and universities all around the world have many unwanted elements. Our own educational institutions are infested with absconders but the government cannot get a hold on them.”

Samiul Haq questioned why not the arrested people were brought to scene if they belonged to Madrassa Haqania. He said they were asked about some students who had already finished their studies from the madrassa and the administration told the authorities that they were not present there any more.

He questioned why the people were never told the names of those already arrested. “We demand the government reveal their names and try them, everybody will come to know who the accused really are?”