Islamabad            -          The Ministry of Water Resources is likely to propose an allocation of Rs140 billion for 15 Hydropower Projects of WAPDA with the total cost of Rs1363 billion in the Public Sector Development Programme (2020-21).

The power division will make a demand of Rs140 billion for the next PSDP 2020-21 which is Rs19 billion higher than the current fiscal, according the documents available with The Nation.

Of the total demand of Rs140 billion, Rs 38 billion is Foreign Exchange Component (FEC) while Rs 102 billion is local component, said the document. For three hydropower projects in initial stage with the generation capacity of 3698 MW and total estimated cost of Rs620 billion, allocation of Rs100 billion in next PSDP has been proposed.

For the refurbishment of four Hydro Power stations of 580 MW, the demand for allocation in coming fiscal is Rs14.67 billion. The total cost of the project is Rs80.72 billion.

For the feasibilities of two hydropower projects worth Rs1.020 billion, demand for allocation is Rs350 billion. For other three hydro projects worth Rs1.742 billion, the proposed allocation is Rs836 million, said the documents.

Regarding the current portfolio of the power projects of WAPDA, the documents reveals that only ten percent of the total cost of 17 Hydropower projects worth Rs1364.50 billion has been allocated in the PSDP 2019-20

For the ongoing three hydropower projects of 2427 MW, whose total cost is Rs 660 billion, the allocation in the PSDP 2019-20 was Rs 50.62 billion. The Throw forward available for the projects is Rs 114.93 billion. The total expenditure till June 2019 was Rs 545 billion.

For the hydropower projects in initial stage and have the generation capacity of 3698 MW and cost of Rs 619.43 billion the total allocation in the PSDP was Rs 58.65 billion. The total expenditure till June 2019 was Rs 80.33 billion while the throw Forward available is Rs 541 billion.

For the refurbishment Hydro Power stations of 580 MW Rs10.571 has been allocated in the PSDP 2019-20.The total cost of these refurbishment was Rs 80.717 billion, with the expenditure of Rs 8.46 billion till June 2019 and throw forward of Rs 72.26 billion.

For the feasibilities of four hydropower projects with the capacity of 8025 MW with the total cost of Rs 2.59 billion, Rs 532 million has been allocated in 2019-20.

Throw forward of Rs 1.82 billion, while the total expenditures till June 2019 were Rs 769 million. For other three projects of Rs 1.742 billion, Rs 401 million was allocated in the PSDP 2019-20.  

Meanwhile the Senate Standing Committee on Water Resources in its meeting held Tuesday discussed in detail Khisar Dam, Nushkhi and Bhimber Dam, AJK Projects.  Chaired by Senator Shamim Afridi, the meeting commenced with a briefing on issues related to the construction of the Khisar Dam Project.  The Committee was informed that the proposed Dam site was located 18 Km from Nushkhi Town, Balochistan. 

The objective of the project is to recharge the ground water acquifier in the area located downstream of these dams. 

The Dam will also be instrumental in protecting downstream areas from Flash Floods.  Crop yield will also increase in irrigation areas.  Socio-economic conditions of the area’s population will also increase.

The Committee inquired reasons for delay of the project since execution of work had begun in 2017. It was informed that less allocation of funds was the main cause of lack in progress of work on the dam. 

The Committee directed that the Finance Division must be summoned in the next meeting.  A progress report of the project was demanded as well.  The Committee was informed that approved PC-I Cost was PKR 444.001 million, whereas updated revised cost is PKR 381.551 million. 

The Committee noted that despite being summoned Finance Division fails to attend meetings that entail development work in Balochistan.  The Committee decided, if the division fails to attend the next meeting a Privilege Motion will be carried against it.