KARACHI       -       Economy of a country greatly connected to the sports and youth of that country,” said Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination Dr Fahmida Mirza here on Saturday.

Addressing the third session of Memon Leadership Conference (MLC) held at PC hotel, she quoted the examples from India, Brazil and China to prove her point.

She said, “Brazil improved its economy by providing best football players and best sportsmen since youth play a vital role in the economy of a country.”

She was invited to the event as a chief guest along with Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) Dr Sania Nishter.

She further said,” I want to congratulate all for such a beautiful arrangement and gathering people and delegates from 18 countries under one roof. You must be applauded for not only acknowledging the role of women, but also organising a programme for shedding light on the role of Memon community in nation’s development.”

She also praised the role of Abdul Sattar Edhi (Late) and Abdul Karim Dedhi for their services for the mankind.

Speaking on the occasion, SAPM Dr Sania Nishtar emphasised the role of social service and community service. “You are very important part of Pakistan; since you play a vital role in Pakistan’s economy,” SAPM said to the members of MLC.

“Most people forget how this country got independence, but we are nothing without this country,” she added.

While appreciating the role of Memon community in social service, she wished the private sector could also be involved in the welfare projects launched in the public sector in order to serve the humanity better. “This government’s top priority are poor, and in this context, Ehsas programme has been started; we are committed to starting such other programmes in future too,” she added.

The conference was attended by delegates from 18 countries, members and office-bearers of MLC, Abdul Kareem Dedhi and Abdul Raheem Janoo.