Supreme Court has ordered to withdraw Carbon Tax but the government took that decision as a challenge to its authority and issued the PDL Ordinance to recover money from the people. The reason is very simple; the government has to incur the expenses of its cabinet ministers/advisors, which run into more than a hundred. Then, the high officials of the government, President, PM, FM etc have to travel abroad (ironically to beg more money) and they can't do that with out having hundreds of supporters (read cronies) in tow that have to be put in costly luxury suites of five-star hotels. The government can only meet its expenses by collecting revenue through increasing petrol prices. I would like to appeal CJ to take suo moto action against President/Prime Minister/Ministers/Advisors travelling in more than the economy class, especially when they have more than two or three aides along. -KAMIL HASSAN, Lahore, via e-mail, July 17.