If you are looking to get inspired for ways to adopt a healthy life syle, then look no further. Pakistani models are here to help. Our models are known for their physical oomph and serve as a visual aide for people who are creating works for art from clothing to high end fashion. I don’t think anyone has a number count of runways models in Pakistan. They are featured in a variety of media formats including books, magazines, films, newspapers, and TV. We see them promoting different brands, walking the runways, posing for shoots etc. Nevertheless, they contribute a lot to our entertainment industry. They are full of energy and when they are around every product becomes a hit. But what’s the secret behind their effortless perfect physique? Are these the notorious crash diets and hectic workouts or they are just born skinny? In this exclusive chat with Sunday Plus, our illustrious super models have shared the secrets behind their picture perfect appearances.

Jahan e Khalid (6’3” 82 Kgs)

“ ‘Models don’t eat’ or eat too less– General Public has this perception but we take it as a perfect combo of right diet and exercise plans to achieve such outlook. Despite being a model I eat everything but I know when and how much I need to intake before burning it through rigorous exercise and personalized diet plans. A balanced diet includes the right mix of everything right from minerals, vitamins, iron to proteins, carbohydrates and essential fats. Have smaller meals (4 -5) a day rather than 2 or 3 heavy meals a day. Have cheat days where one can eat anything. Avoid too much intake of carbonated/artificially flavored beverages, fast food and spices. Have loads of boiled water at room temperature rather than drinking cold water. I workout 5 days a week. I exercise twice a day when my work demands a completely ripped physique. Right amount of sleep (at least 7 hours in a stretch), exercise (an hour and a half a day) and healthy power boosting meals (4 meals a day), positive approach towards life keeping my physical and mental stress to minimal level and patience helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle on daily basis.”

Sadaf Kanwal ( 5'8" 47 Kgs)

“I am a model and I love to eat, let me re-phrase, I live to eat! I wouldn't deny being a bit of fitness fan. I love to stay in shape and I suggest that to everyone; I even enforce this on my close friends! I believe in Detox but not diets to be honest. It's better to get your system refreshed rather than restraining yourself! I love greasy food, fried or processed. I am a foody, I love to try new flavours and what better way for tantalising your tastebuds than fast food. Caesar Salad always goes by the model. Some greens, some dairy, some proteins and lots of pizza! *chuckles*

A healthy lifestyle is absolutely vital for your self confidence. It is all about feeling good and taking that positivity on the shoot. Trust me, it really helps and you can feel the difference in your performance. "What matters the most is how you look at yourself rather than how others look at you!" My message would be, everyone should look good and stay healthy!”

Husnain Lehri (6’ 64kgs)

“I don't think people realize half of the things that we do [or eat]. I'm not a fan of diets but I generally eat well. I don't really follow a crazy diet or anything in the lead-up at all — I want to eat good healthy food, because I want to have good food in my system. I work out and train and I'm very active and always healthy, but, you know, I have a sweet tooth. It's about balance, because that's the only way to keep routine sustainable. However, a BIG NO to eating fast, processed and fried food. I workout 5-6 days a week. I kind of mix it up a little to confuse my muscles. I do cardio 2-3 days a week. I will for instance work arms and chest one day,then thighs and calves the next.The next day back, shoulders and arms. I mix it up a bit but I never work the same muscle 2 days in a row. Healthy lifestyle is a life sentence, you will never be pararoled or pardoned." What I love about this quote is that healthy lifestyle is a way of living. It is not something that can be measured by a number on the scale.”

Farwa Kazmi (5’7” 47kgs)

“I literally eat everything. I don't believe in diets, I was skinny naturally so I never diet. I do eat fast food but I like to avoid it as it's unhealthy and try to eat healthy food. So skinny is the word that always go by for a model. Healthy food that gives me energy and lots of water/juices make a balanced diet for me. I go to gym and for swimming. When I can't go to gym I exercise at home for at least 15 mins. A healthy lifestyle keeps me fit and active. It helps to keep my mood/anger in control. I feel fresh from inside and out. It helps me to stay in shape for my modeling projects as well. “

Abbas Hasan (5’11” 68kgs)

“Generally I tend to prefer eating healthier and natural foods rather than overly processed chemical fast food. If I need to prepare for a shoot then I eat quite lean protein-rich foods and try and eat carbs earlier in the day so I can use them for energy for my workouts. Like everybody I sometimes go for fast food or dessert, but generally I prefer to avoid fatty, oily, chemical or fried food. But of course I think it's all about balance. You can eat what you want as long as you exercise regularly and generally eat clean. As a rule of thumb, try and avoid fatty or fried foods and the two white poisons: sugar and salt. To me, a balanced diet is one that's filling and nutritious at the same time. I don't think we should put impossible diets or restraints on ourselves because we don't realistically stick to them. These days I'm busy prepared for the release of my new song "Sweet Girl" but I always try and make time for the gym. The key is to keep changing your workout to surprise your muscles. For me, the main objective is to be healthy and feel great.”

Fawad Butt (6’ 72 kgs)

“I am from the interior Lahore city and well yes Lahoris are famous for eating!! Haha im a true foodie at heart. l believe in eating healthy and organic food. But I am strictly against starving myself. I do dine out mostly because of travel and work. I try to avoid fast or processed food mostly. If I am stuck somewhere and cannot choose I opt for a salad or fruit bowl. I believe that one should love what he/she does and they don’t have to work a day in their lives!! A balance diet for me is eat everything but in small portions. And veggies and fruits are important. I work out daily in the evenings and an early morning jog is a must! My profession is all about how I look and a healthy lifestyle helps me maintain that so yes, eventually it all depends on my fitness routine!!”

Mehreen Syeed (5’ 11” 49 kgs)

‘Jaan hai tau jahaan hai’. I eat everything and do not believe in crash diets. I make sure that I eat only organic and healthy meals to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I have a balanced approach towards my food because in fashion industry I often encounter hectic routines and to keep me going, intake of appropriate carbohydrates, proteins and fats help me stay light and active. According to my body needs I do exercise everyday for one hour, most of which is a combination of pulati and boxercise. I drink a lot of water to keep my weight under control and live a fit, happy and successful life. By having organised and good meals you can lead a stress free life and become resilient against health issues.