Humayun Saeed is one the most multi-talented actor and producer. His first television serial was Karooron Ka Aadmi. Since the mid to late 1990s, Saeed has been producing his own television serials, especially for Pakistani channels like PTV, under the sign of Humayun Saeed Productions. In 2000, he joined with Abdullah Kadwani to shape Humayun Saeed-Abdullah Kadwani Productions and later they named it 7th Sky entertainment.He has produced numerous television series like Moorat, Riyasat, Makan, Manzil, Sarkar Sahab and many more.

After establishing himself in television industry, Humayun Saeed shifted to the film industry. His first film named Inteha was a best-seller. He was awarded the Lux Style Award for the best actor.   Humayun Saeed won best award for drama serials Ab Tum Ja Saktey Ho, Sawal, Umeed–e-Sehr, and Kangan.

His recent project is a movie called Bin Roye. The film is based on best selling novel Bin Roye and the film will be showcasing in cinemas at Eidul-Fitr. He holds a very strong and significant position in Pakistani industry.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus he talks about his career in acting and production. .Following are excerpts of the interview.

Share some memorable moments from the film Bin Roye. What is your expectation from the film?

We had a great time shooting the movie and it was extremely fulfilling. There are many memorable moments as the movie was shot with a lot of passion. It won’t be wrong to say it is the most ambitious project of HUM Films so far, which is why I have very strong expectations from the movie. The story itself is very special, based on one of the best novels by ace writer FarhatIshtiaq. It is based on human emotions and relationships which go beyond the typical perception of love that we have. Human emotions are so complex and are definitely not as simple as black and white. There are many grey areas, and that’s what has been depicted in Bin Roye. Shooting with Mahira and Armeena was a lot of fun. They are both very hardworking girls. We also had fun on our outdoor shoots.

How was your experience of working in project of Hum TV? Were there any initial problems you had to face while shooting?

It’s always a lovely experience working with HUM TV.  They put in so much effort in all aspects of the shoot - it’s truly commendable. I did not face any issues while shooting as I knew the entire cast and crew from before so it didn’t take me long to get comfortable with them.

‘Yalghaar’ is your upcoming movie. Throw some light on the story of the movie.

Yalghaar is an action thriller. Hassan Waqas Rana, who producedWaar, is going the extra mile with this one. I play the antagonist, who is basically a militant. Hence, this character is a total 360 degree turn for me. I cannot reveal more at this point, as the details will come out closer to the release date.

 You have done three films in a year which film is close to your heart?

It’s a little unfair to ask me to choose one honestly, because I don’t take up any project unless I am 100% involved in it. I give my projects everything that I can, which is why they are all very close to my heart. We have been working on Bin Roye for nearly two years now, so I am extremely excited to see it releasing now. I feel very proud. JawaniPhirNahinAani is my home production so I have been involved in all aspects of the filming besides just acting in it. We have aimed to come up with a star-studded, glamorous and entertaining family film. Yalghaar on the other hand will see me in a very unique role and has a brilliant story.

 While taking up a project what things do you consider the most?

I consider a lot of things actually. Besides my role, it is very important who the director is, the quality of script, production house etc. It is never one aspect that makes a project successful, it is the overall package.

What is the difference between acting in drama and acting in film?

There is no difference in terms of acting. The difference comes in from the technical point of view as in the way it is shot etc.

With a number of films under production do you think revival of Pakistan film industry has begun? How can we keep up the momentum?

I don’t think that the film industry is in the process of being revived anymore. It has already been revived. We have some great movies set for release, and many others coming up. The only thing that needs to be done now is producing quality projects consistently, and getting better with time.

Do you think majority of filmmakers in Pakistan are able to adapt to the digital technology?

I think majority of our filmmakers have been able to adapt to the digital technology. Most of our new directors come from advertising and TV backgrounds such as Asad-ul-Haq and Asim Raza so they are more comfortable with the digital technology. With passing time, our directors are losing experience of working with 35 MM. Some of our directors who used to work with that technology have also managed to adapt to digital with time such as ShoaibMansoor. There are very few veteran directors left who were unable to move forward.

You have produced many serials, how has it helped in acting and direction?

I am yet to direct. However, production firstly taught me a lot about what makes a serial successful. Secondly, thanks to my production house I am now not dependent on acting as a source of income. I am at a point where I can choose my work and experiment with it, which is why you will see me in some very unique roles in my upcoming projects.

What are the pre-requisites for becoming a successful actor?

To become a successful actor, one must know how to understand the audience and make wise decisions. The quantity of your work never makes you successful, it always the quality. Even if you do lesser projects but they are noteworthy, that’s what makes you successful. In fact, a couple of wrong decisions can make your popularity fade out.

What made you start your own production house?

My journey from an actor to a producer was quite natural. When I joined the industry, I was very eager to learn. I observed all aspects of production when I used to act. Eventually, I felt that I knew enough to start my own production house. I like to plan everything in life.

You have worked in many dramas, which play is closest to your heart?

There are many actually. I thinkMehendi is the play that got me stardom so it will always be very special. Besides that, I really liked my role in Ishq, Junoon, Deewangi.

Is there any ideal cast and crew combo that you would like to work with?

As far as crew is concerned, I have a team of people who have been working with me since I have been producing TV serials. I am very comfortable with them and would not like to change them. As for cast members, I have worked with almost everybody who I wanted to so I cannot think of anyone in particular who I would like to work with. I enjoy working with all my co-stars given the script and overall ambience is nice. I have no issues that way.

Any dream role you want to play that you haven’t yet?

The term ‘dream role’ is very tricky. I mean, people assume that I would want to play something that I haven’t already but the truth is that it always depends on how a role is written and how it is being taken forward by the director. For instance, I have done a lot of romantic roles in the past. That does not mean that a writer cannot come up with an interesting romantic role with a fresh new perspective. I might read it and it might excite me much more than a badly written role which might be different from what I have played in the past.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy spending time with my family. It helps me unwind after a long day at work. I like taking care of my fitness so I regularly work out at the gym. I also enjoy hosting dinner parties at my house, or dining out. Watching world cinema is another thing I really like.

What’s your favourite place to dine in?

I absolutely love the Taka Tak from Noorani Kebab House. Nothing beats it!

What is your advice for new actors?

I would advice them to choose their work wisely. When taking up a project, there are a lot of aspects that one needs to see. The role, the script, your co-stars, the director etc. – everything makes a huge difference. Sometimes a good director might ruin a great script and vice versa. Your success is not judged by your quantity of work, but rather by the quality of your work. Unfortunately, I am seeing some great actors with a lot of potential being wasted simply because of their poor choices.

You have done almost all kinds of roles, where do you see yourself in coming 5 years?

Honestly, I feel like I still haven’t done anything. There is so much more that I want to do. I have finally reached a point where I can freely experiment. It was conscious decision from my end to not experiment too much in the beginning of my career as I like exciting my audience from time to time. I am now stepping into territories where I haven’t been before. My character in Yalghaar is something which is very different from what I have done in the past. Even my cameo in Kambakkht is very unique. So let’s see what oppurtunities come up for me in the future. I like surprising myself.

What’s your favorite spot for vacationing?


What’s the difference between Lahori and Karachi drama industry?

There is no difference whatsoever. I see it as the Pakistani industry.