The development of Turbat city has been continued under multiple ongoing projects including construction of roads, improvement of education sector by the establishment of Turbat university and medical college, plantation of trees and etc which are the sign of bringing changes and evolution in the city. The government is appreciated by bringing positive changes in the city and expect to work on remaining sectors especially health which is needed to be focused. In fact, the failure of the government on health sector is a major issue to be eliminated very soon by establishment of well-qualified doctors including construction of more hospitals’ buildings. Since, Turbat lacks behind great governmental hospitals including doctors for the treatment of the patients. The constructed hospitals need more doctors appointment and proper attention but the ghost doctors should have been brought to fulfil their duties regularly in government hospitals instead of private ones.

Painfully, we can’t find a single mental hospital in the complete city for the treatment of mental people who suffer from mental illness. Certainly, the mental people need mental hospitals for their treatment to have a better future. Majority of the people including students have been suffering from depression due to burdening several activities which are up than their minds’ capacity, finally they would be affected by mental illness and get mad due of dime critical situation of their lives who too needed to be treated psychologically to save their life. But unfortunately, we lack mental hospitals including doctors in Turbat.

Recently, a young teacher became victimized by the dangerous mental illness which forces him to abuse others and became involved in harmful activities to harm others. The capacity of his brain is destroyed which compels him to do the activities unconsciously that affect the him a lot in future.

So, I humbly request to the head of Health Department of Turbat to take action on this actionable issue in order to provide a mental hospital with well-qualified doctors for the treatment of this dangerous illness and save the future of the people. We expect that the Head will be taking actions very soon for saving the humanity.


Turbat, July 2.