MARDAN          -        Service Delivery Center (SDC) Mardan has been providing services to more than 53,2000 owners of Mardan Tehsil since 2016, Mohammad Sajjad Khan, Deputy Director SDC, said.

Briefing the media, he said that SDC Mardan has been striving for transparency in land records and transfers for the last five years. He added that there were a lot of mistakes in the earth record. With the computerization of the record all these errors have come to the light and the process of correcting them is underway. He said  if we look at the performance of SDC in 2016, services were provided to 20,223 individuals. He added that a total of 5,486 land transfers (Intaqalat) and 20,223 land fards (documents) issued and Rs 137 million revenue was generate in taxes. In 2017, he added, services were provided to 30,000 people and 7,312 transfers (intilqalat) and 17,432 fards were issued and Rs 198 million revenue was generated. He said in 2018 SDC provided services to 30,000 people while 7,696 transfers (intiqalat) and 22,924 fards were issued and Rs 228 million revenue was generated.

In 2019 the SDC provided services to 40,000 people and issued 10,374 transfers (intaqalat) and 30,023 fards and Rs 344 million revenue in taxes was generated.