KARAK - Jamaat-e-Islami chief and Senator Sirajul Haq demanded appointing Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as interim prime minister to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in the country and said that his party was struggling for the establishment of caliphate in the country.

He was addressing a public gathering in Shuhada Park in Takht-e-Nusrati area on Sunday. He added that when the courts would be deciding cases according to Quran and Sunnah, only then one would be able to believe that there was a true system of Islam in the country.

He said that several ministers in the incumbent government were unaware about the basic teachings of Islam, adding that how could people expect from them implementation of Islamic teachings in the country. The JI chief alleged that their rulers were unaware about the teachings of Islam; therefore, they had become stooges of the USA.

Siraj congratulated Chinese president on his re-election for the second term. He said that Jamaat-e-Islami parliamentarians had not been sold out in the recent Senate elections, adding that his party always discouraged the culture of horse trading in the country. He claimed that the country needed such leadership to put the country on the path of development in true sense, adding that only the JI was able to provide such leadership as, he said, implementation of true Islamic system in Pakistan was the mission of the JI.

He claimed that politics was a holy practice but it had been made a business in the country and the people would be able to get the fruits of the politics only when it was practiced on true Islamic lines. While unveiling the JI election manifesto, Siraj claimed that they would give special allowance to the elder citizens and the major diseases like cancer would be treated free of cost in the hospitals.

The JI chief claimed that free of cost provision of edibles including ghee, sugar and other food stuffs would be provided to the poor segment of the society. He claimed that district Karak was producing mineral resources like oil and gas and uranium and said that with exploration of uranium, cancer was on the rise in the district, therefore; a cancer hospital should be established in the district, he said.

He also demanded provision of gas facility to the people of Karak on priority basis to resolve their basic demand.

On the occasion, the provincial chief of JI Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, district president Maulana Tasleem Iqbal and PK-86 candidate of JI Rehmatullah also spoke to the gathering.



Nasir Iqbal Khattak