KARACHI                 -               Sindh High Court while hear­ing a petition about hoarding of sanitizers amid increasing number of novel coronavirus infections, ordered enforce­ment of the Sindh Registra­tion of Godown Act 1995 at any cost.

A single bench of the high court, comprised of Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar, while hearing a petition on the mat­ter summoned the officials of the Bureau of Supply and Prices. The counsel of the pe­titioner, Tariq Mansoor Ad­vocate, pleaded to the court that sanitizers being hoarded and sold on exorbitant prices amid scare and panic about the novel coronavirus disease.

“The item has disappeared from the market and being hoarded amid fear and panic in general public,” the coun­sel said. v“If the government of Sindh has nominated a ses­sions judge over the matter,” the bench questioned. “The government has yet to appoint a judge,” the counsel replied.

“Tell the court the places hoarded sanitizers being kept.We will send police imme­diately for a raid,” the bench said. “Police has conducted raids over the hoarders,” the counsel replied.

The Rangers had recent­ly conducted raids against hoarders, the counsel further said. The court issued a show cause notice to Assistant Di­rector Bureau of Supply and Prices ordering him to ensure his presence in the next hear­ing of the case. The bench ad­journed further hearing of the case until April 07.