LAHORE - The Lahore High Court on Monday directed National Assembly Speaker and Senate Chairman to submit replies in a petition seeking contempt proceedings against them for not complying with court’s order.

Iqtidar Haider Shah, the petitioner, appeared in the court and submitted that National Assembly Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq and Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani did not decide his petition seeking amendment of Article 248, 45 and 263 of the Constitution being against the junction of Islam.

The petitioner said that on July 23, 2014, a court had ordered both of them to hear him and decide his petition but they did not bother to do so. He said they had violated the court’s order and had committed contempt of court. He pleaded the judge to initiate contempt proceedings against them. He further submitted that Pakistan came into being on 27 Ramazanul Mubarak but the government always celebrated Independence Day on August 14 which should also be banned. Islamic laws should be implemented with letter and spirit, he implored.

After hearing arguments of the petitioner’s counsel, Justice Muhammad Khalid Mehmood Khan sought replied from National Assembly Speaker and Senate Chairman and adjourned further hearing till two weeks.

Pleas against JC adjourned for 20th: The Lahore High Court Monday sought more arguments on petitions challenging formation of judicial commission constituted to probe into alleged rigging of general elections 2013.

The court also asked the petitioners’ counsel to submit report that how the president cannot pass an ordinance for the formation of judicial commission to investigate the alleged rigged and adjourned the hearing until May 20.

At the outset of hearing, Advocate Azhar Hameed Butt argued in the court submitting that that the president had no powers to issue an ordinance to form a commission for the investigation purposes.

He contended the Ordinance under the Judicial Commission came into being to probe into the alleged rigging was unlawful and unconstitutional. The counsel further argued that such investigation which was tasked to the present commission was the responsibility of the election tribunals.

The election tribunals, he said, already existed and thus the judicial commission had no powers to do so. Azhar Butt told the judge that the president misused his powers and signed an Ordinance to form a commission. On it, the judge asked him to present such law which barred the president from issuing Ordinance for the formation of Judicial Commission and adjourned further proceedings until May 20.

A number of people had challenged the formation of judicial commission probing alleged rigging. PTI Punjab Chapter leadership was also allowed to become party in the case.

Applicant counsel submitted that the proceedings of the JC could not be challenged after its formation.

He said that that the counsels of all political parties were appearing before the commission and submitting their point of view on the rigging allegations and a common citizen could not challenge the formation of the JC.

The counsel asked the court to make the PTI a necessary party in the case and dismiss all petitions against the JC for being non-maintainable.