"Every mountain is within reach if you just keep climbing"

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. Same is the case with Devya Ashook from a small district of Balochistan who has set the benchmark in her community and Pakistan at large. The country where rights of minorities aren’t deprived but cherished greatly to make them feel secured as equal citizens.

Devya Ashook who is a certified professional approved from top global institutions has achieved a landmark by securing a distinction along with a gold medal from Bahria University. Through her hard-work and devotion which led her to this accomplishment was all due to her family’s constant support. Her family faced quite a difficult time when she was in high school, her father’s business collapsed and they were in backlash. The financial hurdles or society backwardness never stopped Devya to achieve her goals she once set to accomplish.Throughout all these trials her mother worked as beautician and hardly was able to afford household expenditures. But at the end Divya made all these struggles worthwhile.

Devya proved herself as one of the brightest student in her district. When she was in high school, she managed to cover her tuition cost while also paying full attention to her studies and successfully secured first position in all her grades. She also participated in various speech competitions and won several awards. She was later selected for a speech in provincial assembly being the only student in her district to receive that honor.

She secured admission in ICS outside her district because there was no college where she used to live. Her tuition cost was hardly fulfilled by her mother and her part-time job but she continued studies besides all odds.

When she entered university, it became more difficult for her to continue her studies privately without having any assistance from academy, she secured admission in ICS outside her district because there was no college where she used to live. Her willpower and determination to succeed defeated all negative thoughts and discouragements. She used to hear one popular phrase from her conservative background:

“If women have to raise kids then what’s the point in studying further”

The time was extremely challenging for her when she took admission in Masters, she bought the university prospectus but had not enough money to pay for her tuition. Initially she received grant to finish first semester, she was in distress about all that tuition costs which were impossible to pay by her own. But God helps those who help themselves, her hard work was paying off and she received merit scholarship from her university in all her remaining semesters which not only reduced her financial constraints but also was granted with a Gold Medal from Bahria University which made her the only women to achieve this in her whole district. She not only challenged the stereotypical mindset of society but gave foundation to all the women in rural areas of Pakistan that determination and hard work is the only way forward to achieving your goals. She got an exemplary offer from a multinational company in UAE and now works in a managerial position. She further states that empowering our women will take this society go beyond horizons. Help and support this cause by creating opportunities and removing all obstacles.