GOVERNOR Punjab Salman Taseer has drawn up a list of 100 points on Kalabagh Dams importance, bringing out the windfall of surplus electricity to the country, extra water for agricultural purposes and a precautionary measure against floods. The list forcefully strikes home the fact that the dam would help tackle the scourge of unemployment and poverty through attracting foreign investment worth billions of rupees. What is more, the 100 points emphasise how badly the business community all over the country wants to the see the venture become a reality. Given the power outages that have crippled every sphere of life, it has been rightly contended that the KBD would give a new lease of life to the nations industrial sector. Governor Taseers assurance that the 100 points have been carefully chalked up by a team of technical experts blows the whistle on the rabble-rousers who fear the terrifying fallout of the dam. The Governor has assured that very soon he would be starting a consensus-building exercise in an attempt to take all the provinces on board. One wishes him Godspeed. Given his pledge that he would reach out to the dissenters with his 100 points, it would be the first time in the recent past that a practical step towards consensus would be taken. His is a strong voice that is repeatedly calling for the construction of the dam, in sharp contrast to other politicians paying lip service. However, he admits that the PPP government has what it takes to build the dam. There is hence no justification for the current foot-dragging and disappointing stance by Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf. Being a party that claims to have roots in every corner of the federation, it would be a pity if the PPP did not wholeheartedly back the Governor in this national venture.