Sit-in protests compelled government to take right path, continues pressure mounted by the political forces against the ruling government provided sustainability to economy overall, says Aqeel Kareem Dhedhi Chairman AKD Group while exclusively talking to The Nation.

Existing political situation is not against the economy, it gives an opportunity to the people to highlight their issues not considered in power corridors since many decades.  There is no choice for the rulers to enjoy power without addressing the core issues of the nation. “I am not agreed that the sit-in protests bring negative impact, it is an eye-opener for the public who become aware about their basic rights”.

Education, health and food are the basic necessities of the society and it is government responsibility to address all these issues on priority.  Dhedhi said recent political boom gave the multiple choices to people of Pakistan and now people decide who would resolve the issues of public as protests sit-in developed a sense of maturity among the people.

In democracy everyone have freedom of speech and it is the responsibility of government to give space to all who have concern about the existing system. Dhedhi pointed out the positive impacts of Sit-in protest that in such scenario government could not suppose to charge over billing and not increased the price of urea and electricity tariff while the Lady Health Workers also the beneficiary of the existing political move.  He said that rapid increase in the pool of sit-ins party proved that they have not support of army or any other.  Now this is the time for rulers to take further steps for the betterment of common man to grow up their vote bank by serving the people. He suggested the government to focus on those promises which was made during the election.

Commenting over the foreign direct investment, he said it portfolio investment was increase last eighteen months but we are waiting for foreign direct investment which also depends on the international circumstances.  He further suggested the government to lift the ban on export of live stock to support the 500,000 people related to the business while its responsibility of government to take the advantage of internationally declined in oil prices and facilitate the people of Pakistan. Aqeel Kareem Dhedhi said there is good move in real estate business but some initiatives are much needed from the government side to further boost up this sector.