It is a unique solution to boost a child with a prosthetic limb’s confidence.

A 3D printing enthusiast has build an ‘Iron Man’ hand he hopes to develop in a prosthetic for children. The low cost arm can be cheaply printed on any 3D printer, and its inventor has offered to help children to want one print their own.

The Iron Man hand is designed to be worn by a child, and will allow them to grip objects - and use it’s features such as a laser and a ‘thruster’

‘How can we help a child that faces everyday challenges with a disability?’My answer is to give them the most awesome prosthetic hand, and raise their self esteem to Super Hero Levels,’ wrote Pat Starace, the creator of the project. ‘The vision was to create a hand, so that a child can have something that solves a mechanical challenge, is affordable, and mostly Looks Awesome!’

Starace took to the web to ask for children interested in the hand, offering to work with them to create a custom version.

‘If you’re a kid or a parent of a child that needs this, please contact me,’ he said.

‘Requests have been streaming in, and I will reply to everyone.’

The hand uses a combination of mechanics and string to close the fingers.

An Arduino mini computer is used to control it, and it also boasts, at least according to Starace’s design drawing, a ‘working laser and thruster’

The entire project took a month to complete, Starace said.