The duplicity of SNGPL (Sui Natural Gas Pipeline Limited) was recently reported in the newspaper, but their duplicity has been on-going for many years. For example, during the troubled time of Peshawar, when there was almost daily suicide attacks, the SNGPL staff stopped reading our gas meter. We were not getting bills for more than 2 years.

During this time we complained to GM SNGPL and other staff members but were assured that its not a problem and it will be fixed soon. On our ninth complaint the SNGPL staff illegally removed our gas meter. We had no gas to cook food or heat water during the winter times.

On requests and paying some fine, the SNGPL staff installed the meter but were still not giving us regular bills. We took out a stay order from Peshawar Courts against the meter removal but during this time, SNGPL staff removed our meter twice.

And even though we complained to GM SNGPL and other staff members of SNGPL, but there is no customer service department in SNGPL or any SOP for resolving such complaints. During the “contempt of court” hearing in Peshawar Court, the SNGPL staff admitted to going against the stay order, but now the Judge is not making any decision in the case since the past one year. Even the Mohtasib were not able to help us and had a very long process of reconciliation.

SNGPL and similar companies deal with important commodities used by the common Pakistani. These institutions should be very consumer friendly and resolve issues quickly. It is these issues that irritate the common man, forcing him to come out on the streets against the Government.


Peshawar, September 10.