The situation for cricket in Pakistan in terms of hosting international teams is easing in a spectacular fashion.

The country in a recent stride has successfully hosted the World XI series in September this year, and looks to make furthermore in the recent future. The most sizeable of these achievements being the opportunity to hold Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches in 2018 on the home grounds.

Matching the nature of the excitement the country is engulfed in its entirety, Zainab Abbas is all set to launch a new web series “Brighto Sawal Cricket Ka!” featuring the beloved team players of Pakistan.

“Brighto Sawal Cricket Ka!” is a new vivid, up-close and personal web series hosted by the most coveted sports anchor and presenter of PSL, Zainab Abbas , who asks all the right questions. The setup is that of a casual evening with friends playing crazy lounge games – where the players confess all that they won’t usually tell. Now, who doesn’t want to get a little sneaky in the lives of their favorite celebrities?  Zainab, in this show takes it upon her to dig out their deepest desires, which surely all of us get benefited from. The first episode of the web series comes out on October 19.

The promo of the show is out now on Brighto Green’s Facebook page. The promo gives a sneak-peek into the show with the players seen in full mental action. A single episode features two players, paired reckoning their chemistry together. The matches are made to give out the maximum entertainment factor. The players sit in pairs and engage in banter in-between some personal questions which are sure to keep the viewers craving for more. This show is drool-worthy for cricket fanatics and the not-so-much into sports kind, alike.

The episodes of this series are limited and not a single episode of this hilarious trip is to be missed.