This is in refers to the surprise visits of CM KPK’ various public institutions like hospitals, and police stations etc, which is commendable. This shows his desire to minimize or completely solve the problems of the masses. CM KPK is very requested to spare at least some hours every week to maintain such surprise visits; at least for the time being and maybe for a longer period until things get back on the right track. If all the other ministers in KPK followed his example it would be better for the province and PTI.I hope that CM KP and his ministers includes Charsadda city in their surprise visits to look into the affairs of the various public institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals, revenue offices, and its troublesome traffic, and to listen to the problems, suggestions of the residents of Charsadda. An extra benefit of this visit for the CM is that he and his ministers will certainly win the hearts of the residents of Charsadda.MOHAMMAD FAYYAZ, Charsadda, September 17.