KARACHI - Chairman Port Qasim Authority Admiral (Retd) Asad Qureshi is likely to get extension with the same office fourth time this year, The Nation has learnt. However, he might be replaced by Admiral (Retd) Agha Danish, whose name was recommended in the note sent to Prime Minister Secretariat. Asad Qureshis extension period is expiring on 6th June this year, and he is likely to be given further extension by the Ministry with the same office as he has good contacts in the corridors of power. Surprisingly enough, Asad Qureshi has been given extension in service thrice which the sources termed as against the government rules. They were of the view that an employee can be given extension in services maximum twice. Asad Qureshi was retired in 2006 but due to his connections in right places, he succeeded getting extension thrice. If he made Chairman PQA again, it would be his fourth extension in services. Moreover, Senior Joint Secretary Ministry of Ports and Shipping Syed Hassan Zaidi has been appointed as Director General of the Ministry. Hassan Zaidi would assume his office on 20th of this month. He has been given additional charge of the said post while he would take full charge on 28th May this year. He retired as Senior Joint Secretary on May 28th 2009 but was given one-year extension in same post and then he was made DG for two years. The sources said that Government should devise Gwadar Port bill for Karachi Port Trust KPT and PQA to ensure the appointments of professionals in the key posts. They said the ports of the country should be run by professionals and not by those who have good contacts in the power corridors, so the bill for KPT and PQA is the need of the time.