ATTOCK - Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman has said that the US is imposing a war of civilization upon Pakistan, adding that its target is the seminaries and mosques.He said they cancelled all verbal agreements with different countries and gave a new twist to the country’s foreign policy, but it was pitiful that the media ‘misinterpreted’ their efforts. Addressing Islam Zindabad Conference at Hazro, he said before National Security Council meeting, they had no foreign policy. Referring to detention of Aafia Siddiqui, killing of Pakistani youth in Lahore, the incident of Abbottabad and killing of 24 Pakistan Army soldiers at Salala check post, he said all these incident occurred to them because of their poor and failed policies. “Now we have formulated an independent foreign policy and cancelled all verbal agreements. We have brought to an end the role of foreign secret agencies in Pakistan. We want better relations with the world but not at the cost of honour, dignity and solidarity of the country,” Maulana clarified. He observed that at present mosques and seminaries were being demolished, but no one was there to condemn it. He said the purpose of Islam Zindabad Conference was to awaken the nation and to remind them of their forgotten history. He regretted that at present Pakistan was entangled in the clutches feudal and capitalits. “Today we are being told that America is powerful and should be accepted as a lord but this would never be done,” he stated. He made it clear that for the implementation of Islamic system, JUI would continue its struggle. He said through verbal agreements Pakistan was put in danger. “We have made limited the role of foreign agencies and made them bound to pen agreements.” In future all types of agreements and MOUs will be sent to concerned ministries and then will be tabled before National Security Council, he said, adding that they will later on be passed by the parliament. Fazl alleged that media told a lie regarding restoration of Nato supplies. He said the US and some of their friends were dissatisfied with this resolution. “Our top priority is freedom, national integrity, solidarity and self respect.” He said the situation of law and order was deteriorating day by day and this could be improved only when people would be safe. He expressed his grave concern over the incident of Banu Jail and demanded a high level judicial inquiry. He said that intentionally a gap was being created between the people and Pakistan Army. The situation in KPK and Baluchistan is not encouraging, there is no economic policy in the countyry, there is rampant corruption because of injustice. The fuduals and capitalists are having vested interests and they least bother about the misery of the poor. He said only Islamic system is the solution of the prevailing problems. Maulana said , no bill or change will be excepted which will be against pur norms and civilization. Today JUI was being cornered but this could never be done he added. Maulana Rasheed Ahmed Lodhianvi, Maulana Abdus Salam, Dr Atiq-ur-Rehamn, Qazi Abdur Rasheed, Qari Sher Afzal Khan, Akram Waqar Gill, Abdul Jaleel Jan and Maulana Abdul Rauf Rabbani also addressed the Islam Zindabad Conference.