ISLAMABAD (Reuters/AFP) The number of Pakistani flood victims in need of urgent humanitarian relief has risen from six million to eight million, the United Nations said on Thursday. Since its an evolving situation, things are unfolding. Our estimate has gone up and now eight million are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, Maurizio Giuliano, spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Islamabad, told Reuters. The United Nations also estimates that 4.6 million survivors of Pakistans floods are still without shelter and it wants to provide six million with tents and plastic sheeting. Roughly 4.6 million people are still without shelter, Giuliano said. The rough estimate includes hundreds of thousands of people who are still on the move, he said. In this context we have decided to increase the number of targeted beneficiaries for tents and plastic sheeting from the initial figure of two million to at least six million, he said. Almost one million people have already received these items and the United Nations called on donors to keep up the pace of funding to reach the target. We are confident that the international community will not stand by and watch as millions of flood victims live in open air, while they already struggle to survive in the face of food shortages, lack of clean water and the spread of diseases, Giuliano said. Child trafficking is a big business in Pakistan. Giuliano expressed concern that since the floods have made millions homeless, children were at an even greater risk. You may have families who take drastic measures because they need to survive, he said.