In the power system, the transmission and distribution of electrical energy involves many losses. Some of these losses can be precisely defined and are termed technical losses, while other losses occur during transmission and distribution of electrical energy and involve non-technical parameters. The total non-technical losses (NTL) cannot be computed precisely. Moreover, it is very difficult to control and reduce the losses. The NTL include, but are not limited to, electricity theft. Electricity theft has severe and dangerous effects. Primarily, electricity theft affects the utility company by overloading the generation unit and then its consumers. The overload can trip the generation unit, interrupting power supply to all consumers and can even lead to blackouts.

Electricity theft is a serious concern for utility companies like the KESC as they are under threat of economic losses. Eventually, utilities like KESC cannot invest in researching or implementing measures to reduce power outages and load shedding. In the light of these issues, utility companies are forced to impose excessive tariffs on honest consumers because they cannot bear total losses solely by themselves. Hence, we as honest consumers suffer. The government, as well as all political parties, should seriously look into this matter and come up with solutions to stop electricity theft. Moreover, the government should provide adequate security to KESC officials in the mission to end electricity theft.


Karachi, August 19.