KARACHI - Solar energy is an effective alternative to overcome the power crisis in the country and also plays an important role to reduce the import bill.

Inam ur Rahman, CEO Reon Energy Limited while talking to The Nation said Pakistan is located in a region with ample sun energy that makes it suitable to utilise solar power technologies to overcome the energy crisis.

The largest businesses today are effectively making use of solar energy to power their operations.

Solar energy can now be an affordable and practical contributor to our country’s energy needs. Reduced capital expense has made it really attractive for industrial and corporate users alike.

He said solar energy helps to reduce long term operating costs, provides a reasonably predictable supply of electricity and is a complete hedge against market fuel price volatility.

It further helps companies accomplish their carbon targets – something that is very important in the competitive global environment, he added and said “The increasing viability of solar power is soon expected to make it the most attractive energy solution for businesses.

Financial institutions and international development organisations must play a significant role, to help the renewable energy industry advance beyond its nascent stage in Pakistan.

For sustainable long term economic growth, it is imperative that policy makers enable programmes that support the energy demand of large scale businesses. It is also necessary for corporations to set time-bound renewable energy targets for creating self-sustaining ventures.

Such interventions at various levels shall surely help the country evade the looming energy crisis, he added.

Pakistan spends around $12 billion yearly to import crude oil which brought heaviest impact over the import bill.

The seventy percent of import bill comprise over the payment of oil which is mostly use for the power generation.

Experts said that the coast of per unit is around Rs 18 on oil, Rs 6-8 on solar and Rs 2 on hydel respectively, we have so many natural resources for power generation that is also support the country to avoid the IMF support and reduced the import bill.

Government has to allocate some budget to develop this sector.

Country like India and Mauritius install the solar geezers at residential areas to overcome the energy crisis the same example can be adopted in Pakistan especially in Karachi and Lahore where government provided on easy installment and interest free solar geezers to address the issue.

Pakistan has a favourable environment for solar and wind energy as compared to the Germany who topped the position in world as solar energy producer and users.

Not only in the mega city of the country we can deal with this smartly also develop the urban and rural part of the country specially Balochistan, Sindh and other remote areas of the country.