LAHORE-From the Pop Rock, “Desan Da Raja (Sohni Kuri)” to the fusion of Desi Beats with Electronic Dance Music (EDM), “Kama” – the year 2016 turned out to be highly successful and rewarding for the international superstar Qurram Hussain, a songwriter and lead singer of world famous band, JoSH.

Qurram Hussain and Komal Rizvi’s wedding dance number ‘Desan Da Raja’ made a resounding success and was ranked by the YouTube, the fourth most watch video in Pakistan besides it remained among the top-five most downloaded songs on all the major music websites. Moreover, the song also has the record 5.1 million views, 185k Likes and more than 52k shares on Facebook. The best thing about the track is that it evokes the same feeling of joy and celebration as did the original classic, which was originally sung by Naseem Begum for the movie ‘Kartar Singh 1959’. The theme of the song has been kept the same, whilst new beats and lyrics have been put in by Qurram and Komal, which have made the song more festive!

After Desan Da Raja, Qurram Hussain also remained in the limelight in 2016 with Canadian DJ Domeno featuring JoSHTheBand (Qurram Hussain and Rup Magon) in his dance number ‘Kama’ – a fusion of Desi Beats with Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Taking his sound in new directions and providing listeners of Eastern regions to explore across the electronic music spectrum, ‘Kama’ is a synth charged, peak time number with a very unique edge. Bringing Eastern influences on board with hard hitting, four to the floor beats and colossal electro drops, all these elements put this track in prime position for big festival plays.

Besides JoSH’s performances in Chicago, Singapore, Dubia and other major cities of the world, Qurram Hussain also shared the stage with Rockstar Ali Zafar at one of the biggest 14th August celebrations this year in Toronto, Canada. They together sang the Juniad Jamshad’s “Dil Dil Pakistan” which met with loud applause from their fans. 

In 2016, Qurram Hussain also made its debut in the Pakistani film industry with his new assignment as the music director of Bilal Ashraf and Urwa Hocane’s upcoming movie Rangreeza. Qurram would also be the voice of lead character, played by Bilal Ahsraf, in the soundtracks of the movie.

In an exclusive talk with The Nation about his plans for year 2017, Qurram said that in the new year, his fans could expect new music collaborations, besides he was looking forward to the music release of his first film as music director, Rangreeza.

Despite being approached by directors and producers for various projects, Qurram said, he chooses Rangreza for his debut film project. He also revealed he would also have a short appearance in the video of one song. “We have not finalised which song yet, but the songs start taking shape, we can decide where my feature will make the most sense” he said.

In reply to a question about his future projects, he said that he had been in the conversation for a couple of other movies projects.