ATTOCK   -  President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday on Wednesday described that faith, unity, discipline, which is also national motto should be regarded as the guiding principle for the nation.

"These three words play vital role in our live and we must follow these principles in letter and spirit."

The present expressed his confidence in the government's efforts to put the country on the path to development and bring about a real change in the lives of people, urging the youth to play their part in making a new Pakistan.

"I assure you that the country has been put on the path to development, and people will see a true change in all walks of life in the coming years ," he expressed his optimism while addressing the "Annual Parents Day" at Cadet College Hassan Abdal here on Wednesday.

The President pointed out that it is not easy to talk about all issues including the economic ones that the country had been facing in the past.

He stressed that focus now should be on the future of Pakistan and securing its due and respectable status among comity of the nations.

Dr Alvi said that the nation has pinned all its hopes on the present government, which is striving hard to make a new Pakistan. "The youth is and could be the real driving force to work hard to achieve this goal.

President Arif Alvi, who was very happy and excited to see outstanding performance of the young cadets in academic and extracurricular activities, said that you owe to this country, which has given you much and now it is your turn to pay back (through your services).

He emphasised upon the cadets to excel in all fields of life by following the principles of unity, faith and discipline which guarantees success.

The president observed that developed societies always focus on education and grooming their young generation.

"In the past, imparting and seeking education used to be considered as a mission," he pointed out, underlined that promotion of education is the collective responsibility of every individual.

Dr Arif Alvi said that the government is making all out efforts for the promotion of education in the country. He also stressed upon the parents and teachers to inculcate qualities of patience, forbearance and tolerance in the young lot.

"The youth should come forward and utilize all their energies for leading the country on the path of progress and prosperity," he emphasised.

The president also reiterated to ensure rights of the women in accordance with the teachings of Holy Prophet (SAWW).

"It is unfortunate that according to a latest report, Pakistan stands fourth from the bottom in terms of gender equality," he revealed, adding that with hereditary rights, the womenfolk could be made equal citizens.

Principal Cadet College Maj-Gen (r) Tariq Najeeb in his opening remarks highlighted excellent performance of the college and its cadets in all disciplines of education and sports.

He said the college has been competing with major institutions at home and abroad.

He informed the college which is federal in nature, has been accommodating 100 students per annum from across the country on merit without any quotas.

He demanded that the government should provide more funds to the college so as to enable it to double its annual enrolment of cadets and provide opportunity to more students to get admission.

Later, President Arif Alvi distributed certificates of excellence, medals and trophies amongst the cadets who excelled in various disciplines. He, on this occasion, was also presented with a college crest.

Earlier, upon arrival at the college, the president was presented a general salute by a smartly turnout contingent of cadets.

The president also reviewed the parade of cadets, who later presented a march-past before the dais.

Amidst great applause from the parents and other participants of the event, the cadets in colourful costumes also exhibited their excellent skills in PT Show, Gymnastics, Horse Riding and Tent Pegging.