LAHORE – Meera has quit Lollywood in protest over massive corruption which has penetrated in film industry. According to Meera this corruption has severely damaged the industry like termites. Talent has no reward in Pakistan, she deplored.

In an exclusive chat with The Nation, Meera ,however, expressed her ambition to work in good projects of director Shahzad Rafique and Shoaib Mansoor, because she wants perfection in her performance and not the routine work now. Except these two genius directors I have boycotted all other directors due to their substandard work as a protest, Meera angrily said.

She said she was very impressed by the working style of Shoaib Mansoor and Shahzad Rafique. Now I am performing in Shahzad Rafique’s upcoming romantic movie ‘Ishq Khuda’, which is going on the set very soon, she revealed. But also waiting call from Shoaib Mansoor, she anxiously said. She said she had seen Shoaib’s films ‘Khuda Key Liye’ and ‘Bol’ and she is very impressed from Shoaib’s work.

Besides, Meera said these days she was working for the preparations of her own movie which she is going to produce. She said now she has decided to dive straight into her own project, her first feature film, for which she has been doing extensive groundwork. Meera claims that  “my film will be technically brilliant,” which has been conceptualised with the collaboration of seasoned writers. Meera said that she is producing it purely herself  and it will be a flawless production. Ali Zafar will be the hero of this film, she confirmed.

I have myself written the story and myself will direct the movie, whereas name of music director will remain a secret, Meera maintained. She said now she has to deliver better and quality work but silently. Meera said her 13-episodes drama serial ‘Iqra’ will go on air very soon and purpose of this serial is to promote education. The special thing about this drama was that I have produced it with love, Meera said proudly.

Meera also expressed her agony over the rising corruption in Pakistan. She said there was no electricity, no clean water, no job opportunities, no better food for the poor and no security. While the corruption was making Pakistan hollow day-by-day and in this pathetic situation how our country can make progress and this thing makes me gloomy, she expressed.