Throughout the history of Pakistan, there are certain verdicts taken by the Supreme Court that shattered the democracy in the country. For instance, its support to the unlawful and unconstitutional acts of the dictators made its operations dubious. It is a fact that the court has taken decisions against the politicians. Attesting the martial law is among the series of verdicts that damaged its image. Those days are gone when then unpopular verdicts were passed through the judiciary. Pakistan’s legislative and judiciary are stronger than ever, although a continuous struggle is still required. Nawaz Sharif is on the roads and addressing public gatherings in various parts of the country. 

He has kept on saying that the court of the people is the leading court. This statement is quite strange keeping in view the contemporary situation. Maryam Nawaz and the entire family are cursing the SC since the decision of Nawaz’s disqualification surfaced. 

Our politicians do not seem to accept the sanctity of the courts even at this crucial time. Judiciary ensures proper implementation of the laws and once it starts happening, our politicians censure it terming it against the democracy. The apex court declared Nawaz Sharif disqualified on July 28, 2017 over corruption charges and from that time the ruling party kept on attacking the SC and its judges. 

Majority of the people might be wrong and a few jurists might be right. This is what is apparent in this case. By accepting the verdicts of SC whole-heartedly, all the stakeholders should come closer instead of indulging into futile efforts of bashing each other. They indeed should solve the long-standing issues of poverty, terrorism, unemployment, etc. 


Lahore, February 6.