About a few days back, there was a news on one of the private news channels that a new Vice Chancellor of a university from Sindh was reinstated to his post after some ten years. He must have some connection with the ruling PPP. It is not difficult to imagine why he was removed from his job ten years ago. According to another news item in a section of the English press, this Vice Chancellor went abroad for medical treatment during his previous stint and on his return, submitted bills for reimbursement. The auditor of the university found out from the medicine vouchers that the VC had also asked for reimbursement of certain unauthorised medicines that he had been using abroad. I would request the auditor not to object to the purchase of any medicines, though. After all, a fitter, stronger administrator would benefit the university at the end of the day. A strong VC means a strong administration. Vice Chancellors of other universities should also take a cue from this Vice Chancellor and start taking supplements and tonics. -NURUL HUDA SOOMRO, Rohri, January 19