The propaganda and allegations stand that military operation is under way and despite democratically elected government is in place in the province, the military and the FC call the shots in Balochistan. The fact remains that all military operations in any part of Balochistan had been stopped in 2008 and, according to Raisani government’s spokesman, no army, even FC operation has been conducted ever since, despite an attack on the residence of FC official.

And anyone fond of using the word ‘operation’ can take it with Gen Kayani’s ‘education initiative’ which he has launched to receive long-term effects, though its short term benefits have also started appearing. By joining the armed forces, both in commission, non-commissioned and lower cadres of the armed forces, including Air Force and Navy; taking admissions in army-launched vocational, training and educational institutes; and availing the opportunity of employment, internships and skill-oriented training programs – not only the Baloch people, especially youth, have started proving that they have the potential to contribute at the national level, but also the military has changed itself from its approach to seek the solutions through use of force to going into eradicating the actual root cause of the problems.

The Baloch people’s integration in the mainstream of the nation is obviously likely to fetch desired results. Such an awareness on part of the army is late though, yet very positive as far as its positive results are expected to come out.


Multan, January 17.