Every day I get unsolicited SMS messages from NAB stating, “Say no to corruption.” I would like to request NAB to stop sending such messages as they are cluttering up my mobile phone and are otherwise a source of nuisance. Besides, such messages are also posted on all utility bills and that is more than enough.

NAB should also take notice of the hypocrisy behind such messages. As an ordinary citizen I am a victim of corrupt practices by not only by the government departments, but also utility companies, especially the electric distribution companies such as IESCO.

However, when my arms are twisted, I have no options other than to cough up money to grease the palms of greedy officials. Such is our system. So instead of trying to clear their conscience by sending such messages, NAB needs to do something solid against institutionalised corruption, which is prevalent everywhere in our country.


Islamabad, December 11.