While one had thought that a cut-off of the US aid would be a blessing in disguise for us in the sense that it meant a complete end to our fatal attraction with the US, the recent news of granting 87 visas to CIA operatives along with resumption of aid is pretty much disturbing. Under the circumstances, it is but hard to dispel the perception that General Pashas visit to the US and his meeting with CIAs Acting Director Michael Morell was in fact nothing but a fence-mending mission. At the same time, the Foreign Office has also given the statement that a policy with respect to dealing with the US has been formulated, which is actually quite mind-boggling because on the one hand we are accepting the US diktat in return for peanuts only and on the other we are trying to give the impression that our national interests come first. What could be more shameful than continuing to issue visas to CIA sleuths despite experiencing at first hand, the cloak and dagger operations they have been conducting on our soil from killing ordinary citizens, browbeating the security personnel to virtually everything conceivable under the sun. Indeed, there have been instances where such sleuths have been found to be collaborating with even those elements that are bent upon our destruction and carrying out deadly bomb attacks. What is even more chilling is that these CIA agents have been caught gathering intelligence about our atomic assets and reactors, something that bears testimony to the fact that the game the US is playing is to defang the nuclear Pakistan. With the cancellation of aid, a hope had arisen that practical action would ensue against the drone attacks by shooting them down. Unfortunately, it transpires that the government has made yet another compromise on our national security merely for aid largesse. Why cant we learn from self-respecting nations like China, Turkey, Iran and scores of others who have kept the US at arms length? There has been so much bloodshed in our country that today the value of human life seems to be less than a few dollars that the rulers greedily take in return for allowing the US to run amok on our land, and kill civilians with impunity. The government owes an explanation to the nation because at stake is our sovereignty and national interest. It is but most dangerous to give our land away to CIA operatives as a happy hunting ground. Their previous machinations culminated in the Abbottabad incident unilaterally conducted and who knows this time around these agents might be cooking up even a more deadly game. Are we sleeping?