RAHIM YAR KHAN - Police claimed on Tuesday to have killed seven dacoits of Indhar gang in an encounter near Bhong area of tehsil Sadiqabad.

However, 10 robbers managed to escape.

The chief of Indhar gang was also among seven killed during the encounter at Mahi Chowk.

According to PRO Arshad Nawaz, police were chasing the dacoits for last three days. Cops from Sadiqabad, Ahmedpur Lama, Kot Sabzal and Bhong took part in the operation. The dead bodies of dacoits were shifted to Kot Sabzal Police Station.

Police said these dacoits were involved in heinous crimes including kidnapping for ransom, murders, robberies and snatching of vehicles. Some insiders claimed that these seven dacoits were in police custody since last month when police had arrested more than 60 dacoits of different gangs from different areas of district Rahim Yar Khan.

Sources further claimed that four dacoits were killed in a building in Kashmore where residents of the area heard the gunshots and other three were killed near Chowk Mahi in early hours of Tuesday.

When contacted, DPO Zeeshan Asghar, did not attend the phone call. SP investigation Irfan Samoon said he would contact this correspondent for his version but the same was awaited till filing of this report.

Agencies add: According to DPO Sadiqabad Zeeshan Asghar, police had been chasing the robbers for three days after a man was abducted from the area. He said police from Sadiqabad, Kot Sabzal, Ahmedpur Lamma and Bhong also participated in the operation.

DPO said head of the gang Khano Indhar was also killed in the shootout. He said at least eight robbers managed to flee from the crime scene taking benefits of dark during operation.